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Related article: Mr. Russell's b. g. Rigo, by Buc- caneer — La Gitana, 9st. O. Madden i Sir J. Blundell Maple's b. c. Cham- pagne, 8st. 2lb. S. Loates 2 Mr. Theobald's ch. c. Petronius, 8st. 131b L. Reiff 3 3 to I agst. Rigo. DERBY.— Spring Meeting. April 19th. — The Doveridge Handicap of 600 sovs. ; the straight mile. Mr. J. Rowson's b. c Ichiban, by Best Man — Galinne, 4 yrs., 6st. 4lb J. Reiff i Mr. F. Hardy's br. c. St. Beune, 4yrs., 6st. lolb Heppell 2 Sir A. Lockhart's Fiume, 4 yrs., 8st. lib S. Loates 3 8 to I agst. Ichiban. EPSOM. — Spring Meeting. April 23rd. — The Great Metropolitan Stakes (Handicap) of 1,000 sovs. ; about two miles and a quarter. Mr. H. J. King's b. c. Evasit, by Adieu — Ultima Thule, 4 yrs., 7st. 71b. (lolb. ex.) J. Reiff i Lord Penrfayn's b. h. King's Mes- senger, 6yr8.,9st. lib. M. Cannon 2 Sir E. Vincent's b. c. Stoccado, 5 yrs., 7st. 131b W. Order Trecator-Sc Halsey 3 9 to 2 agst. Evasit The Great Surrey Handicap of 500 sovs. ; five furlongs. Mr. A. Stedall's ch. f. La Buy Cheap Trecator-Sc Lune, by Despair — Moon Flower, 5 yrs., 7st. iilb Clemson 1 Mr. G. G. Tod's b. f. Melete, 4 yrs., 8st. 41b G. McCall 2 Mr. H. J. King's b. f. Esmeralda II*> 5 yes*) Sst. 9lb. ...L. Rtiff 3 10 to I agst. La Lune. April 24th. — The City and Suburban Han- dicap of 2,000 sovs. ; about one mile and a quarter. Mr. Spencer GoUan's bl. c. Aus- tralian Star, by Australian Peer — Colours, 5 yrs., 7st. lolb. W. Halsey i Mr. H. J. King's b. c. Amurath, 5 yis., 7st. 2lb J. Reiff 2 Mr. Jas. Joicey's Purchase Trecator-Sc Online ch. c. Alvescot, 4 yrs., 6st. 131b G. McCall 3 9 to 2 agst. Australian Star. 476 BAILYS MAGAZINE. D: SANDOWN PARK.— Second Spwng Meeting. Aprtl 25th.— The Tudor Plate of 1,000 tova., for three -year-olds which had not woo any rmce up to entry ; one mile. Mr. George Faber*! b. c. Pieter- maritzburg, by St. Siinon — Sea Air, 9st M. Cannon i Sir J. Blundell Maple's b. or br. Buy Trecator-Sc c DeMymar, 94t S. Loates 2 Mr. Richard Croker's br. g. Viper, 95t L. Reiff 3 5 to I agst. Pietermaritzburg. The Esher Stakes (Handicap) of 1,000 sovs. ; one mile and one furlong. Duke of Portland*s b. c V^lltam the Third, by St. Simon— Gra- vity, 3 yrs., 6st J. Childs i Sir J. Blundell Maple's b. or br. f. St. Nydia, 4 yrs., y^t. Sib. S. Loates 2 Mr. Leopold de Rothschild's ch. c. Cracko, 4 yrs., yst. 2lb. W. Lane 3 7 to 4 agst. William The Third. April 26ih.— The Princess of Wales* Han- dicap of 500 sovs. ; 5 furloi^, Mr. H. J. King's b. f. Esmeralda IL, by Rightaway dam by Galo- pin—Braw Lass, 5 yrs., 8st. 51b. L. Reiff t Mr. R. Croker's b. g. Harrow, 5 yis., yst. iilb J. Reiff 2 Mr. Warren's bl. c Nahlband, 3 yrs., 6st. 91b. Heppell 3 9 to 4 agst. Esmeralda H. April 27ih. — The Great Sandown Hurdle Race (Handicap) of 500 sovs. ; two miles, over eight hurdles. Mr. F. Bolland's b. g. Goldfinder, by Jock of Oran — Ard lament, 5 yrs., lost. lib. ...A. Nightingall i Sir J. Blundell Maple's br. Purchase Trecator-Sc g. Childwickbury, 5 yrs., list. ylb. Horan 2 Mr. R. Gore's br. c. St. Jacques, 4 yrs., lost. 91b.... Mason 3 5 to 2 agst. Goldfinder. The Grand International Steeplechase (Handicap) of 500 sovs. ; three miles and a half. Colonel H. T. Fenwick*s bl. m. Sarah, by Ascetic — Guiding Star, 6 yrs., lost. 131b. Mr. H. Nugent i Captain H. A. Johnstone's ch. g. Cushendun, 6 yrs., I2st. lib. Mr. G. S. Davies 2 Mr. W. H. PawsoQ's b. h. Tifc Sapper, aged, list. 61b. Owaer 3 7 to 4 agsL Sarah. NEWMARKET.— First Spwxg Meeting. April 30th. — The Hastings Plate Buy Trecator-Sc Online of ^ Order Trecator-Sc Online sovs., added to a sweepstakes of t3 sovs. each, for three-jear-olds ; faa mile and a half of T.M.M. Duke of Portland's br. c Mans- licher, by Carbine — Meokoir, 8sL 31b M. CaaiKs i Mr. W. Raphael's b. c Ruskio, 8st. 31b. K. Cannon 2 Mr. Russel's b. g. Rigo, Sst. I2lh O. Maddea 3 5 to I agst. Mannlicher.